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Radia Perlman

Radia Perlman

Why IEEE Fellow Radia Perlman Hates Technology Why IEEE Fellow Radia Perlman Hates Technology

The best solutions are always elegantly simple, but are becoming rare in today"s technology industry. In Radia Perlman"s opinion, the world would be a better place if more engineers, like she, hated technology. To maximize the benefits of technology, today"s engineers need to focus on creating self-managing solutions that increase efficiency, rather than overly complicated technologies that ultimately, decrease efficiency. Perlman discusses her thoughts on this topic and more with IEEE CIO, Dr. Alexander Pasik.

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Dr. Radia Perlman is an IEEE Fellow, a software designer and network engineer. She invented the spanning-tree protocol, which is fundamental to modern Ethernet, and scalable and robust link state routing technology that is crucial to the operation of today”s Internet.

She joined Intel Corporation in spring 2010 as an Intel Fellow and is responsible for ensuring Intel Labs’ leadership in network and security. Prior to her position at Intel, Dr. Perlman worked as a Fellow at Sun Microsystems. Holding more than 100 issued patents, Dr. Perlman invented many fundamental technology innovations in computer networking. In addition to inventing the spanning tree protocol and IS-IS while working for Digital Equipment Corporation, Dr. Perlman recently developed TRILL, an emerging standard for data center interconnection that can replace today”s spanning tree Ethernet.

Dr. Perlman is the author of a textbook on networking and coauthor of a textbook on network security. She has been recognized with numerous industry awards including an honorary doctorate from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, the Usenix Association lifetime achievement award, the SIGCOMM lifetime achievement award, Silicon Valley Inventor of the year and the Women of Vision Award for Innovation.

Dr. Perlman attended MIT, where she received her Ph.D. in computer science. Her thesis was the seminal work in network routing resistant to malicious failures of switches. She also developed a child-friendly version of the educational robotics language LOGO, called TORTIS (Toddler”s Own Recursive Turtle Interpreter System), which helps teach young children about computer programming.